FLMB Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

With Thanksgiving just days away, this recipe will satisfy your craving for something “autumn” and sweet, while also packing the protein punch you need to build and/or maintain your hard-earned muscle. This recipe works great as a post-workout meal, giving you a great blend of high-quality protein and healthy carbohydrates. INGREDIENTS: Ice 1/2 cup unsweetened…

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FLMB Recipe: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Ice Cream

chocolate chip peanut butter ice cream

This recipe is for ALL peanut butter lovers.  Dogs included!  The rich peanut butter flavor of Protizyme Peanut Butter Cookie protein powder will make you never want to eat ordinary, unhealthy peanut butter ice cream ever again! INGREDIENTS: 1 scoop Protizyme Peanut Butter Cookie protein powder 1 tablespoon semi-sweet chocolate chips, chopped 1 cup Chobani…

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EOW: Push Ups

Push Ups

Push Ups.  Everyone’s doing them, but hardly anyone is doing them correctly.  Those who are get stronger.  Those who are not end up with sore shoulders. The push up is one of the most common exercises used by millions of people to get stronger, yet more and more people are performing push ups that are…

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FLMB Recipe: Mama Chiera’s Chicken Saltimbocca

chicken saltimbocca

You’re going to want to print out this recipe and save it.  Mama Chiera’s Chicken Saltimbocca could, quite possibly, be one of the best healthy recipes you’ll encounter. Mama Chiera makes this recipe for us every now and again and I go to town on it.  Firsts.  Seconds.  Thirds. The best part of it is…

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EOW: Half Kneeling 1-Arm Kettlebell Overhead Press


Even though kettlebells may still seem like a new & exciting training tool, they’ve been around longer than ALL of us.  Created in the motherland and used by Russians to help develop total body strength, kettlebells create endless opportunities to improve your fitness level. But … Not everyone should be using kettlebells.  In fact, most…

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