FIT Success Story: Frank Varone

Frank Varone Blog

When you look at Frank rolling up on his motorcycle, the first thing that hits you is, “this guys is a bad ass ..” Then you meet him and actually talk to him, and realize that underneath the beard and monstrous shoulders is a really good guy who’s s good friend and a great family…

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FIT Success Story: Chuck DeCitise

Chuck D Blog Image

Prepare to be blown away.  Chuck’s transformation is like something that you hear about on an infomercial and think to yourself, “yeah right, that’s not real.”  The thing is, Chuck’s transformation is 100% real, and we had the incredible opportunity to join him on his journey to a life of health, fitness and incredible strength.…

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FIT Success Story: Christine Walker

Christine Walker Blog Image

While some people are very loud and boisterous when they workout, others keep to themselves as they quietly just keep doing the same thing … working hard, staying consistent and always putting in their best effort. We have quite a few members in Saratoga who are very consistent with their workouts.  None are more consistent…

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FIT Success Story: Heidi Burnell

Heidi Burnell Blog Image

Very few women will actually listen to the advice of their trainer to lift heavier weights for fear of getting “big and bulky” and looking like a man.  Heidi has trusted us, lifted heavier weights and busted the myth that most women fall for. When someone is looking to lose weight and gain strength –…

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FIT Success Story: Martin Harr

Martin Harr Blog Image

An alarm clock going off before dawn.  Cold and dark mornings.  A session filled with just females.  Challenging workouts while 99% of the world is still sleeping.  None of these things have stopped Martin from getting the results he’s after! Working out with a group of women isn’t something that you’ll see most guys doing…

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